by Cutting Losses



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released September 27, 2011

Recorded by Wade Oliver at Wade's World
Released by Metastasis Records



all rights reserved


Cutting Losses Austin, Texas

We listen to Madball, Step Forward, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, DITC and Z-Ro. We play hardcore.

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Track Name: One Deep
I plead the fifth because my brain's a mess.
From sun rise to sun set, the sad truths of life are all i’ve met.
We all walk alone and face these walls that we’ve bloodied our fists trying to wreck.
Lick your wounds and fuck the world because only yourself deserves your best.
I can do bad on my own.
Track Name: Island
victim of my rage, i’m a very lonely man.
force of a gang, but on my own i stand.
one deep.
i crawl, i climb, but i find no peace of mind.
i’ve lived, i’ve learned.
a man who forgives is a man deceived.
a man who forgets hasn’t learned a thing.
i wake up and wonder what the fuck i’m doing
in this daily hell we call life.
i’ll be damned if i’m the only one.
Track Name: Anvil
i'm sorry to the friends i've failed.
for the nights spent wishing i bailed.
they come and go but mostly they stay
and they're the ones i've wished the fuck away.
every breath i take is a choice that i must make.
every day that i'm awake ends up a mistake.
for what it's fucking worth, i put this all on me.
no, for all you're fucking worth, why is this all on me?
you never did a thing.
i've carried the weight of others for too long.
what did you ever do?
not a goddamn motherfucking thing.
so fuck you and this world.
Track Name: Sneak Dissin'
the world rots when you fucking talk.
your tongue is slime, your teeth are rocks.
grinding gnashing, the sound i cannot kick.
twisting turning, sick to my stomach.
broken backs in your ego’s wake.
you hold us down, dead fucking weight.
tell me why i should be the the one
to swallow my pride & bite my fucking tongue.
and this is why i'm on my own.
i scare myself when your type’s around.
swear to fucking god, you're going down.
and this is why i'm on my own.
talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.
shut the fuck up.
Track Name: Forward Thinking
the nerve of me to think i could
step a foot outside this rut
that i fit so perfectly into.
my path is blazed.
i tear through this bitch with the heart of a lion.
used to be a coward but now i’m fighting.
swinging for the fences and for gold i’m mining.
never had luck looking for silver linings.
i’ll take and take till i get what i need,
don’t need to change just to succeed.
ain’t nothing wrong with being me,
i’ve been my own worst enemy.
this is me for better or worse.
i’ve been this way ever since my birth.
so bury me with the scum, the cursed, the filth: forgotten, alone from an endless search.
Track Name: Choices II
i've had all that i can take.
got a past to leave in my wake.
i move on with all my weight.
full speed ahead won't pump my brakes.
used to plod, used to trudge.
now i push, now i shove.
in my way, taste my dust.
no compromise, don't give a fuck.
life wants to win. i'll beat the odds i know.
no more weakness. i'll beat the odds i know.
gimme this, gimme that.
take & take, no slack.
step too close, take two back.
better not cross my path.
used to plod, used to trudge.
now i push, now i shove.
in my way, taste my dust.
never give a fuck.
i am my own man now, i don't need your hand out.
preemptive strike, i turn my back on all of you.
on my own.
never ever give a fuck.
on my own. 
Track Name: Oh, Indeed
Just because I stand my ground,
that makes me the fucking joke?
So be it if it’s true,
to be less like you I’ll be any punchline.
No face I’ll lose.
All I see, what my eyes intake:
I despise, so no change I make.
Pride is not a word I won’t say.
Marked for life and I wont deviate.
Foddered fools, embarrassing.
Easily impressed, fucking lemmings.
Pride is not a word I won’t say.
Marked for life and I wont deviate.
Cross me out, I couldn’t care less.
Rejected or rejection?
Either way I sleep at night.
Track Name: Jukai
i live in a world that i fucking hate.
i don't belong and i don't relate
to all the bullshit you all swear by.
all i can do is end each day alive.
i'm finding reasons to breathe are few and far between.
if we're made in his image then i will sin just to burn in hell.
braindead bodies on a dead end march
in the name of paradise, such a farce.
if there's no heaven then god is a crook.
if you never saw this coming, you just didn't look.
gun to my head, it should be no surprise.
noose 'round my neck, are you really surprised?