The Demo

by Cutting Losses

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released July 1, 2008

Recorded by Mike Reaves



all rights reserved


Cutting Losses Austin, Texas

We listen to Madball, Step Forward, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, DITC and Z-Ro. We play hardcore.

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Track Name: Choices
i try so hard just to give a fuck but it's so hard not to give up
i push and shove but i stay stuck
failure hasn't taught me so still i trudge
through this fucking life, this one i despise but still embrace
even though it'd be so easy to say goodbye
i can't help but wonder: does anything i do matter?
i feel like a drop of rain falling into a fucking river
no hope of leaving a mark, nothing at all to offer
thoughts of a way out cave in on me and i'm left unsure
of what choice to make, but i think i've decided
i should just say goodbye
Track Name: Wet Paper Bag
we've been force-fed a life we'd rather choke on and die than swallow
so hollow is everything we've been offered
we know there's something more
i know it's so old, the same old complaint from
just another kid with tattoos and some dirt under his nails
but don't tell me to be content with so-sos, just shies and better luck next times
whether unbearably miserable or just bland and boring
this life can kill
fight life: live
if only i could take my own advice
Track Name: Anvil
i'm sorry to the friends i've failed for the nights spent wishing i bailed
they come and go but mostly they stay and they're the ones i've wished the fuck away
every breath i take is a choice that i must make
every day that i'm awake ends up a mistake
for what it's fucking worth, i put this all on me
no, for all you're fucking worth, why is this all on me?
you never did a thing
i've carried the weight of others for too long
what did you ever do?
not a goddamn motherfucking thing
so fuck you and this world
Track Name: Cast
i can't let go of the past so a future i never had
i'll just throw caution to the wind
go with the blow, see where i land
i've reached, i've begged, i've dragged well past half away
i've done what i can but none will meet me
hard to walk straight with the weight of hope
sunday starts another week to cope
rather be dead than wishing i was
rather be loved but that door has shut
nothing new, same damn drew, looking down and fucking up
i've got to fucking run
there are some things i've got to let go
there are losses i've got to cut free